Terms and Conditions


As a Coach for CFE, You agree that You will have access to valuable and confidential information belonging to CFE. This includes training/coaching methods, pricing, client information, client sources, partner information, and financial information concerning CFE.  You agree not to share, disclose, distribute, or give anyone access to CFE’s confidential information, except to the extent permitted by CFE in writing. 

Limited License

CFE grants You a limited, non-transferrable license to use software that CFE provides for Your use.  You agree only to use the software to provide coaching services for CFE and not to share, lease, use, or distribute the software or any parts of it to anyone else.  You agree to stop using the software and remove any software maintained on Your systems when Your engagement with CFE is over.  You agree to follow any separate restrictions/instructions related to the software that we provide.

Payment Returns

Coach understands and agrees that if a payment from a client is missed or is returned unpaid, CFE will not receive the funding necessary to provide any Coaching Income for that client.   The Service rate will be applied to the next revenues we collect from Your clients.  

Coaching Standards (may be changed from time to time by CFE).   

Coach agrees to follow CFE’s rules and policies/procedures that are provided to Coach upon engagement, and any updates provided by CFE from time to time.

Client Contract Terms

CFE provides a standard contract to clients when they enroll in coaching and consulting services.   Coach agrees to be bound by the terms of the client contract.  

Coaching = Coaching Income

You must provide coaching to clients as detailed in the client’s contract with CFE to receive Coaching Income.  You will not be paid the Coaching Income if You do not provide coaching services, even if the client has made a monthly payment.   

Client Choice

CFE cannot stop clients from leaving or selecting another CFE coach, so we cannot guarantee that any client will continue to use Your coaching services.  

Payment Provider

To be paid, You must enroll with our payment provider (currently Gusto, but subject to change).  You will be required to provide Your bank account information and tax ID so we can send ACH payments and prepare end of year tax reporting. 


Client Portal 

If Your clients use our portal You are expected to use the portal as well.  


Clients may notify You of scheduling issues and You agree to make commercially reasonable efforts to match a time with the client.  You are expected to set a recurring date and time at the beginning of each coaching engagement with a client so that scheduling issues pertain only to an inability to attend an occasional set time.  You are expected to clear Your calendar and be available each week during the recurring time.   


If you do not provide 30 days notice of your departure you will forfeit any Coaching Income due to You at the time of your departure or thereafter.   


You agree to indemnify and hold CFE harmless from and against losses, costs, damages, and expenses related to and/or arising out of Your breach of any of these terms or Your letter agreement. This includes protecting CFE in the event of any client claims/refunds.

Compliance; Governing Law

You agree to comply with applicable laws, rules, and regulations in providing coaching services (including maintaining any required licenses or approvals).  Your engagement with CFE is subject to Maryland law and any disputes will be resolved in the state or federal courts located in Baltimore City, Maryland.

Client Monthly Fees

You may choose the rate of Client Monthly Fees to be charged, but You must charge at least the amount of the Service Rate for a given client.   Should You charge a client an amount below the applicable Service Rate, the uncollected portion of the Service Rate may offset against future Coaching Income or the Coaching Income You otherwise earned related to other clients.  

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