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Those big companies… you know the ones who we love to hate? They can handle scale. They can handle lower income per home sold just fine.

And with our help, you can too.

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We can provide the same level of customization as the Ubers and Amazons of the world.

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Having a coach isn’t just a fad. It’s how thousands of business professionals become successful in their careers.

We can build the tech, systems, and models for you. But we can’t change how you do business.

Getting 1:1 attention from an industry expert can change that.

We Have the Answers... (for all you fear based High C people... we love you too)

Ask Away...

First, we are agents and get those too… and they suck. Second, we are really successful agents who figured this out and do it ourselves daily with massive results… like right now this week. Now sharing the love. Third, we have one rule on pricing… make it NO BRAINER level pricing! Like impossible to say no to cheap!

  1. NO BRAINER PRICING is our only rule on pricing. It must be so cheap, it’s a no brainer to take. Quite frankly, we are so successful at real estate that this isn’t our main business so we don’t have to overcharge our fellow agents.
  2. AUTOMATION – you ever count how many copy/pastes, typing that same address again happen in one day on your team?!? It doesn’t need to be that way anymore. We can help!
  3. Plug the holes! Our machine doesn’t sleep, doesn’t lose leads, doesn’t forget who to call, doesn’t leave people off a plan, doesn’t miss anything. We are witnessing agents pay for shittons (real number) of leads to then lose them in a black hole of no idea who is following up on who hole-dom. We can stop that for you.

Faster than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking competition. Faster than green grass through a goose. Faster than someone running like a scalded haint. (admittedly, we have no idea what that last word is. we just googled really fast hillbilly sayings. you get the point. super fast. this weekend kind of fast.)

Literally 100% for people who follow the plan and 60% for people “smarter” than us 🤔

Results on your flabby abs? Sorry, we need help there too. Results on your business? We got you! Remember, we are in the business too. We only obsess on real results. For us, we learned leads aren’t enough, talent isn’t enough, systems aren’t enough, culture isn’t enough, profit only isn’t enough… we put it all together. First, fix sales, then profit, then people, then systems, then re-evaluate them in reverse… all wrapped in culture. We measure everything, have solutions, tech, systems, automations, scorecards, training, consulting, coaching for EACH one of these. 

Well, first, call yourself a Noob. Nobody says “Newbie” anymore. Then know this… People don’t lack resources, they lack resourcefulness. Become the most resourceful you’ve ever been in your life. Get mentors, get coaching, get a plan, take massive action, get resourced up early! No need to take 20 years to dominate. The answers and people are there. We can turn you into a local real estate freak of nature overnight if you really want.

Let’s keep it professional here, ok? 

<finally! Seth steps on soapbox> Glad you asked! They are so different and not enough people in our industry ask this! Consulting is to evaluate your business against the key pillars of any business… sales, profit, people, systems, and culture. Not opinions… real measurement… real scorecards… real evaluations. THEN get training on the specific gaps identified. COACHING is implementation. It’s not ideas, it’s not “tell me what to do,” it’s not 100% self-discovery let me just ask questions of you, it’s not the coach’s agenda and plan. It’s accountability, blind-spot detection, bullshit meter, encouragement, hand-holding, ass kicking you across the finish line of implementing the plan you went to training for, which came out of the plan from your consultation evaluation. 

We strive to make our clients happy

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