Fractional Services


Fractional services allow you ability to have the high level service of a full-time professional without paying someone the full-time salary. Mix and match the different services you need each month to meet your business’ fluctuating needs. 


Take advantage of high level, skill specific marketers only when you need them. Develop strategy, re-do your branding, get social media graphics, blog posts, video editing and more. 



The benefit and skill of a full-time, high-level CFO that will help your company grow with strategic financial guidance at a fraction of the cost.


Record keeping, profit and loss, taxes and more. No need to pay someone full time when all you need is a couple of hours. 

No need to keep someone on retainer. With our fractional legal services you can get professional legal advice when you need it  without the hassle. 


Not sure what direction to go with your business? Questioning what specific services you need? We can help guide you through making these important decisions. 


CFE Strategies offers two convenient options to meet your business’ needs. Each includes “Fixed” services that you automatically receive monthly and “Flexible” services that allow you to customize how much support you receive and in which categories – based on the number of credits purchased and how you’d like to use them. 

1 Credit  =  1 Hour of Service                                                     Unused Credits Will Rollover To The Following Month

Level One

For those who are just starting and are looking to build a strong foundation to grow their business on. 

Fixed Services

Flexible Services - 5 Credits

$1,500 Monthly

Level Two

For small to medium businesses with established leadership motivated to grow in size and revenue.

Fixed Services

Flexible Services - 15 Credits

$4,000 Monthly