Our Story

CFE  Strategies started off as founder Seth Campbell’s answer to managing his own growing businesses.  He needed a central organization to help provide valuable marketing, finance and legal talent to his enterprises without the cost burden of each company hiring their own staff for each of these departments.

Real estate brokerages, expansion team, capital investments, coaching and more – it was clear. Having the fractional services at the ready saved on costs and increased production.

Over time, through his private coaching and consulting Seth realized something. So many business owners are facing the same problem he had.

How do I get the services and staff I need, when I don’t have the money and still grow my business?!

With that realization, the decision was final. CFE Strategies would expand to offer their services publicly with the mission to elevate and empower business owners to scale their organizations with peace of mind. 

We value ingenuity

Our obsession is solving puzzles. Have you ever thought about how many copy/paste, reentering manual data happens each day in your business? We have, and created a new solutions we use for ourselves which we then pass onto our clients. 

people come first

As business owners ourselves we know that it can get overwhelming.  We help you reinvest your time by providing you the specific services you need at a reasonable rate so you can be face to face with your clients, focusing your energy on the activities that matter. 

We Value Innovation

The consumer’s expectations grow rapidly in today’s culture. Technology is working to pace with that need. While you focus on your clients, we study, experiment, and test the most modern technology that we can then help you implement through our various services. 

Your Goals are our goals

What’s important to you is important to us. If what we offer isn’t in alignment with what you need, we can be honest about that and through our consulting services will help you find the right solutions to help you achieve success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other agencies who likely use talent from outside the organization the core of our services are provided by staff that also actively work for and make decisions for our own companies every day. 

By being able to hire an expert for just the time and tasks you need we don’t just save you money but help you make even more. 

Professional and high level services for exactly what you need, when you need it. Nothing extra and no wasted salary dollars. 

That depends! What is your goal? 

At CFE Strategies we will do our best to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible whether it’s with our consulting services, staff on demand or fractional professionals. 

We aim to always approach every client interaction with respect and integrity. If your goal requires a little more time than what you expect we will guide you in a way that best fits your business. We don’t want to give you quick results. We want to give you the best results. 

Stop and take a minute to really think about what you need and where you want to go. Not sure? Schedule a consultation. One of the best things you can do as a new business owner is ask questions, find a model to follow, and get professional guidance. 

That’s totally fine! We also offer consulting services! 

Staff on Demand provides you with a pre-screened, pre-approved virtual assistant specifically trained in the skill set you’re seeking for a project or on-going task. 

Fractional Services provides you with a high-level professional in either marketing, legal, or finance that will provide specific services based on a number of hours/credits purchases as opposed to having that person on your salary.