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“One of my coaching clients has grown their business 10x in the last 3 years and is truly achieving their mission and changing family trees in his business. ” -David

About David

David Locke became licensed in real estate March of 2013 and quickly showed his tenacity for success when he took home the Rookie of The Year Award. In June of 2018 he lead his team in joining the Five Doors Network as the Growth Partner for the Fayetteville, AR location.

In 2020 he stepped into a bigger role as the organization’s Director of Sales where he focuses on building and implementing systems and technology to help the Five Doors members achieve their goals and achieve the company mission of building generational wealth.

David is passionate about wealth building and leading his local congregation to grow spiritually. He values hard work, improving the lives of those closest to him and being a good steward of God’s blessings. 

Originally from a small town in north Texas, David proudly attended college at Texas Tech University. He went on to meet his wife, whom he has been married to for 10 years. They share 4 beautiful children. Currently living Fayetteville, they have a small farm where they raise cattle, sheep, and chickens. They dedicate their spare time to Bible studies and helping members of their church. David also owns multiple rental properties and flips houses. 

David loves seeing other people build success in their life and helping them identify the blind spots that may be holding them back. This passion is what lead him to becoming a coach. 

He hopes each of his clients will achieve the life they’ve always wanted by building a business that works for them so they no longer have to work for their business.  He is dedicated to helping his clients get out of the rat race of daily activities distracting them from achieving their real goals. 

Areas of Focus

What David's clients are saying

"David has been pivotal in my life and business. My revenue was 72k when I first started coaching with David. This year we are on track for 750k in revenue with a 7 person team. Now that is the result, what he has done is gotten my mind and emotions where they need to be to operate a company that size.
He has guided me in the actions I need to take to get where my dreams are leading. I know that I would not be where I am today without his coaching in my life."
Ryan Blackstone

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