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“Why are we different than other coaching companies?”

Simply put, we are built for the business minded, entrepreneurial coach.

Finally, Your freedom to build what You’ve wanted to build has arrived.

Why Use CFE Strategies For Your Coaching Business?

1. YOU choose Your rates charged to the clients You coach!

2. NO RIDICULOUS SPLITS! You only pay a small flat fee per client per month and keep everything over and above that.

3. We don’t do non-compete agreements! Take Your freedom back for goodness sake. You can even coach somewhere else at the same time as being affiliated with us if You really want. (They may prohibit it so please take it upon Yourself to ensure You are not violating any current agreements)

4. You can leave our coaching program any time You want with a simple 30 day notice. Did we mention freedom yet?

5. We will provide You with access to our proprietary systems to track clients and engage with them on a modern, professional, level. You might be an independent contractor, but You will have the power of a large organization fueling Your client interactions.

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