Coaching With Chad Hauer

Chad currently lives in Gig Harbor, Washington with his wife of 14 years, and their two kids (ages 10 & 13).  Chad values Faith, Growth & Humility.

About Chad

Chad Hauer is a 2nd generation Realtor and has been selling real estate since 2002. He has been doing real  estate full-time for 16+ years and provides both a “coach” and “player” perspective. Chad started as a solo  agent and organically grew his team to consistently sell well over $1MM in GCI (100+ units) per year with a  focus on working a SOI & Past Client database as well as farming to take major market share over a popular  recreational waterfront community of roughly 800 homes.

Chad is passionate about team building, leadership, and pouring into others. Organizational health is of  foundational importance to Chad as he believes that teams made up of human-beings require a holistic focus in  order to make a lasting impact. He has extensive experience with successful recruiting, has lead both small  teams (3-4 agents) as well as large teams (18 agents). He has been requested to speak to large groups on the  topic of real estate in multiple states throughout the U.S. Chad moved his family of four from WA to AZ for  the winter months, for a couple of years, while running (and growing) his WA real estate team remotely.

In 2018 Chad partnered his real estate team with the Five Doors Network (an INC 500 Company) and is  consistently Five Doors Network’s #1 or #2 top expansion partner nationwide and #1 in profitability.

Chad brings a valuable chance to learn from someone that loves to serve. He consistently and selflessly grows  new and experienced agents to a new level of success in all areas of their lives. He also values his time and  mental effort and only pours into those that want that for themselves- a fundamental change. While he juggles  a lot of plates to create a successful team, a happy and fulfilled marriage, and family life, he makes space for  those that want to put in the work.

So if you are ready to meet him there, he will meet you there. He  understands that sometimes it just takes a different set of eyes, a new level of accountability, and a dedicated  encourager. His dedication is from the heart, his struggle is from trial, his silence is from a deep-thoughtful  consciousness and his words are to the point.

Chad excels in creating systems to ensure consistent client/agent experiences within his business and is  passionate about helping others to create generational wealth through real estate and honing in on their  personal and business finances to maximize the efforts of their work. He understands that the personal  definition of “wealth” is different for each person, so if his personal portfolio of investments matters to you, he’s happy to share, yet he first and foremost comes from a place of humble servitude.

Chad is beyond excited  to aid in your growth journey!  

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