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Do I need technology? Will big tech replace the agent? Are agents and brokerages in danger? In a lot of ways, yes, we are in more danger than we realize, yet far from feeling it. 

Here are some basic truths… consumers change industries, not technology. Technology only comes in via a disruptive company that offers a different process the consumer ends up loving. This is the kind of technology that allows a consumer to feel like they are getting a custom service.

Think about the Amazon front page you see, it’s your front page, not a generic one. It has specific items they know you’ll certainly be interested in. Well guess what, you can do that too in real estate. You can give that kind of awesome personalized, high value experience to your clients. The only question is… for how many clients in one year can you do that?

At some point, you’re going to have to sell 2,3, even 4x the number of homes you sell now to net the same income. That’s an increase in units. Units control the # of staff you need working for you. The real question then becomes… could you do 4x the units today on the same staff and overhead AND with custom services? If not… now you’re up to where we come in.

We saw this trend in our own businesses and began building. Turns out custom tech isn’t expensive, it’s just a pain to build. Most big companies touting custom software is built for the masses, not for people like us. Surprise! It still doesn’t do what we need it. It also tends to come with brokerage restriction or high monthly costs.

We don’t need that and neither do you.

what can we do for you?

Need something that helps your TC go from managing 200 files a year to 600 files a year on the same amount of hours and sprinkle in a little less stress?

Something that takes your 500 interweb leads and just gives you the 5 that need you the most? 

What about something that sends Mary a different 36 touches based on her love for dogs, but sends Suzie 36 touches on her love for Yoda?

Need to know exactly who to call today and what to say? (Heck, maybe even someone to call them for you?)

Want each person to feel like they are your ONLY client?

That’s what we do.

You’ll do 10x the units, 1/10th the time, and crush big tech from ever messing with your database.

More money... More time... What are you waiting for?!


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